Tomato Soup with Bagel Grilled Cheese Kit for Two


We had some extra tomatoes that were extra ripe, so Seth turned them into soup, and served them with a bagel grilled cheese for lunch! We had some left, so we decided to offer it to you.

The Kit:
A quart of our creamy tomato soup. This tomato soup is made with coconut milk, and is extra creamy.
Roasted tomato tapenade in extra virgin olive oil to garnish your soup
Two bagels of your choice
Six slices of good Irish cheddar
Balsamic Caramelized onions (to balance the cheese)
and Dijonnaise (the perfect blend of Duke's Mayo and good French Dijon mustard - this is the spread for the bagel)

We have limited quantities available, check back soon for more specials!

Out of stock

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