The shop will be open soon.

Now Accepting Orders for Saturday - Pickup at Bonton Coffee House @ Bonton Farms 

our Bagels 

Lenore's Handmade Bagels are authentic water-boiled bagels made with stone ground flour, water, barley malt, yeast and kosher salt. Our bagels are made with Yecora Rojo wheat, grown in Texas and stone ground by our friends at Barton Springs Mill. That means every bagel you eat supports hard working Texan farmers and contributes to strengthening the local Texas food economy.

Great bagels aren't a conspiracy

Some people claim that there is a secret to making great bagels. They will tell you that it is all about the water — and they aren't completely wrong, but they're definitely only telling you half of the story. Sure, you do need some water to make bread, but when it comes to quality bagels, it's the flour that's the real star.

Keep it local

Our flour is 100% Texas-grown Yecora Rojo wheat, milled at Barton Springs Mill. This flour has a distinct nutty flavor and mild spice aroma that you cannot find anywhere else. Supporting local farmers and local businesses is an important part of our philosophy, and by using local wheat, each bagel we make helps more small farmers plant better wheat. 

About Lenore

My wife's grandmother Lenore lived in New York for most of her life, where she fell in love with great food, and, most importantly to this particular story - New York bagels still hot from the oven.

Lenore (like many Jewish grandmothers) was known for her warm and welcoming presence, and it didn't hurt that she was a fantastic cook. As a result, her home was constantly filled with family and friends.

We think that great bagels, like time spent with great friends and family, can bring people closer together. Lenore was an inspirational woman and always believed that through hard work anyone is capable of great things. When it came to naming our company, we knew Lenore's would be the perfect fit.
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