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Pre-orders are now open for Saturday, April 3rd
Pickup at Mokah Coffee in Deep Ellum
Pre-ordering window closes on Friday at 8am (or once we sell out)
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Hi there – we are Jessica & Seth Brammer,
and this is a story about our Summer of Bagels.
In the Summer of 2020, we were craving bagels. Living in Dallas, and being locked down due to the raging pandemic; we realized that our options were even more limited than usual. So, we did what seemed completely reasonable (at the time): we decided to make our own bagels.

After a few tireless months of experimentation, sourcing, baking, and eating, Lenore's Bagels was born; named for Jessica's beloved grandmother.

 Lenore's started as a pop-up, selling bagel pre-orders online, with our customers meeting us at coffee shops to pick them up. Since then we have grown quickly! First, we moved into a commercial kitchen. Then, we got named one of the Best New Bites in Dallas by D Magazine, and, most recently, a magazine called Food & Wine included us in a list of The Best Bagels in America. We sure are glad that they think our bagels are as good as we think they are.

So what's the big deal? No, they aren't New York bagels: because Dallas isn't New York! Our bagels taste so good because we use the best flour we could find anywhere. That's no secret. We just use incredibly, indescribably good flour. 

Here it is: we use 100% locally grown Yecora Rojo wheat milled at Barton Springs Mill, right here in Texas. This gives the bagels their unmatched flavor and aroma.

And yes, our bagels are boiled in malted water, giving them the perfect chew and a magical, golden crust.

But, remember, these aren't New York Bagels. 
They're Lenore's Bagels, and they're born in Texas.

Local Partners

Houndstooth Coffee: Walnut Hill
Fresh bagels and schmear are available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Fount Board & Table
You can find our bagels on Fount's sandwich menu, and our bagel dogs, too.
Houndstooth Coffee: Henderson
Fresh bagels and schmear are available seven days a week.
Houndstooth Coffee: Sylvan-30
Fresh bagels and schmear are available Tuesday through Sunday.
Profound Foods
Our bagels are available for delivery all over Dallas and the Northern 'burbs through Profound Foods. See their site for full details.
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